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The Arctic Region Lap Book Project

The Arctic Region – Social Studies Ch. 7

Your job is to create an informative Lap Book on the topic of the Arctic region. Think as though you have been hired by the region to try to influence people to move to or visit this region.

The Social textbook will be the only resource you will need.

Your poster must include a title, and information for each of the following topics and a variety of pictures:

1.  Interesting Facts

2.  Transportation

3.  Natural Resources & Industry

4.  Recreation

5.  Physical layout (map)

6.  Issues – Climate Change

7.  Wildlife

8.  Indigenous People (Inuit)

       Your poster will be marked based on the rubric attached.


 Earned Assessment



Main Ideas & Supporting Details
The main ideas are appropriate to the topic and are presented correctly.  The purpose of the project is clearly accomplished.  Appropriate and accurate details support each main idea – the project is detailed and complete.



The above Element is worth more than the three below (which are also restricted by the detail and depth of the Main Ideas & Supporting Details.) so therefore will have a greater impact on the final total.

There are no errors in capitalization, usage, punctuation, or spelling.



Layout, Design & Creativity
The overall organization, design, use of color, and use of space help to make the assignment interesting and to communicate the message.  The project is very neat and presentable. The Assignment is highly original and creative. 



Overall Total: