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Monster Project

Monster Project  ***Shared with students in Google Classroom as well.***

Mr. Bartsch

  1. Pick a creature from the list brainstormed by the class.
  2. Research the creature. You may use books from the library or the internet.
  3. Write an informational report on this creature on your chromebook and then paste it on a poster paper. The report must have:


  • A title (title, picture, & your name)
  • At least 6 main topics of interest
  • Pictues
  • A bibliography


Possible main points may include:

  • What the creature looks like.
  • What it eats.
  • Where it comes from.
  • It’s history or legends surrounding it.
  • Interesting facts…..
  • Etc.


Everything written in your report MUST be in YOUR own words.  Write your notes, and then put them in your own words.  A mark of 1 will be assigned to students who plagiarize – no exceptions.


Example of complete sentence answers and correct formatting

Plan B – Chapter One Questions


  1. Panic – to go crazy and not act rationally.



  1. I think Godfrey began chapter one with that particular sentence because it is a very interesting way to get the reader’s attention and create suspense.


  1. I think Elvis and Nick are friends because…