Class Notes to Parents and Forms

Halloween Party Note sent home Oct. 18/19




Mr. B’s Spooky Halloween Bash-2019


We are having a Halloween party on Thursday, October 31 at about 1:30 in the afternoon – after the assembly.  And a party’s not a party without lots of food and drink!  Personally, I love the homemade treats the best, but unfortunately, due to allergies, we can only accept items that have an ingredient list on their containers (disposable containers seem to work best as well, as many “monsters” seem to have a hard time getting them back home).  Please sign up if you can send in any of the following so we don’t end up with 30 bags of salt’n vinegar chips, or let me know if you have any other ideas.


***You do not to send for 26 students as we always get a lot of extras. You can sent for 6 or 12.***


Name: _____________________


  1. Chips/tacos,etc.: ___________________________
  2. Vegetable/fruit tray: _________________________
  3. Cookies: __________________________________
  4. Squares/dessert: ____________________________
  5. juice/pop &/or disposable cups: ____________________
  6. others: ___________________________________




Web Page Info Note

Wednesday, September 4/19



Dear Parents/Guardians;


Your homework assignment is to go to the James Mowat website and check out my e-teacher’s page with your child. I am finding that many of my students aren’t letting anyone at home know that the homework page is updated daily, there are some cool links including links to videos that explain covered concepts and some classroom assessment information as well.


Please sign below so I know I don’t have to write you up for not completing your homework….LOL







Chris Bartsch


James Mowat Elementary School






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