About Me

My Education and Teaching Background

Aren't I cute.... well I used to be anyways.  This is me and my mom in 1970, at our home in Vancouver.

I was born in Vancouver, but grew up in Ontario around the Kingston area but moved to Fort Saskatchewan when I was nine. I attended the University of Alberta where I earned a Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology in 1992. I went back to the U of A again in 1998 and received my Bachelor of Education degree. I began working for Elk Island Schools immediately as a substitute teacher and soon had a few temporary contracts teaching in Sherwood Park and Bruderheim my first year. I then began teaching at Ardrossan Elementary and stayed there for eight years. When a spot opened up here at James Mowat, I jumped at the chance and have now been here for the last eleven years. Both of my own children went here so I knew what a great school James Mowat was first hand as a parent. I have taught every grade at one time or another, but I have spent most of my career teaching grade five and six, so I welcomed the chance to switch grades with my good friend and colleague, Steven Russell and continue working with another good friend and colleague in grade five, Graham Overn.

My Family

This is Avery graduating from Fort High in 2015.

I have been married to my very patient wife Donna for 27 years now and we have two beautiful daughters, Meghann and Avery. Donna has been a Pharmacist in the Fort for the past 27 years and also grew up here. Meghann graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Education specializing in English and Science and also teaches with EIPS. Avery recently graduated from Concordia University and is a teacher with EIPS. Needless to say, I am a very proud daddy.  Both girls grew up playing school and putting up bulletin boards in dad’s classroom on weekends. 

The lovely Donna, enjoying a horse draw cart ride with me in Ireland.

Meghann graduating from the University of Alberta.

My Extended Family.... The Furry Side....

My dogs Tucker and Mercy and my cat Luna are our babies now that the girls are all "growed up"

My Interests

This is a little chess board table I made when I was taking carpentry courses at NAIT.

My wife says I am a “serial hobbyist”, but I like to think I just like to keep busy. My first love has always been reading. I love science fiction and fantasy books – I always wanted to be a were-wolf when I was a kid. I also enjoy carpentry and have a full wood working shop. I make furniture, exotic wooden pens and bowls on a lathe, and lately, a lot of toy boxes for friend’s children. Every fall I spend as much time as I can big game hunting with my father and have done so since I was about eight. The only difference is that we now have quads and sleep in a nice warm trailer instead of a tent – because my dad is getting old, not me! Mrs. Percy, her sons, and I also do a lot of skeet shooting at her ranch.  I try to play guitar – poorly – and love music. I seem to have much more time these days as I am no longer a “taxi dad” for a couple of busy girls who used to dance every night….. Maybe it’s time for another hobby?

These are a couple of my pens. The one on the left is stained maple burl and the one on the right is made out of elk horn.

The greatest hunter that ever lived....

My main axe....has some dust on it lately.